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This letter supports a campaign by CREDO Action and many other organizations to update the Mining Law of 1872, which is essentially a multi-billion-dollar give-away to mining companies. It goes to the President and to Congress.

The Mining Law of 1872 should be relegated to history. Multinational companies pay $5/acre for leases on public lands, and pay no royalties at all.

The law contains no environmental protections. Hard-rock mining has huge negative impacts on ground and surface waters, aquatic life, vegetation, air, wildlife, and human health.

Under this antiquated bill, federal land managers insist mining is the highest and best use of public lands, valuing mining over drinking water, recreation, or anything other use.

Reform the Mining Law of 1872 by establishing a fair royalty based on the value of minerals extracted, implementing environmental standards for mines, collecting funds for mining reclamation, and allowing managers to deny a mine proposal if other important resource values exist.

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Kathie Turner, Director

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