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This letter supports an action by the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America asking Congress to crack down on schools that prey on veterans by providing sub-standard education, and overcharging students.

Predatory schools target our veterans and abuse the new G.I. Bill rules.

The G.I. Bill system will pay out nearly $9 billion this year. To maximize revenues, some schools charge excessive tuition and spend more on marketing than on academics. They employ misleading ads, high-pressure sales calls, and even recruit at VA hospitals.

These schools provide substandard education and poor graduation rates. Many have high loan default rates. They don't disclose this to prospective students.

The Military Veterans Education and Reform Act will force schools to disclose vital information such as dropout rates, graduation rates, and cost comparison data so veterans can make informed choices.

Veterans earned the right to an education, not a fleecing by schools more interested in profit than scholarship. Support H.R. 4055.

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Kathie Turner, Director

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