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This letter supports a campaign by various organizations to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban which expired in 2004. It will be sent to the President and to Congress.

Assault weapons are not designed for hunting, nor for individual protection.

These weapons are designed with high-capacity ammunition magazines capable of firing up to 30 rounds of ammunition without reloading, and are meant specifically for military use in combat. The destruction caused by these weapons is far greater than with ordinary guns.

Senator Dianne Feinstein will introduce a bill to reinstate the federal assault weapons ban which was allowed to “sunset” in 2004 after having been in effect for ten years. She believes that weapons of war do not belong on our streets, in our classrooms, in our schools or in our movie theaters.

Senator Feinstein is correct. Please permanently reinstate the federal assault weapons ban.

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Kathie Turner, Director

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