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This letter supports a campaign by DemandProgress asking Senators to oppose indefinite detention during the debates on the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), and to support S. 2003, the Due Process Guarantee Act. (The NDAA has already passed in the House).

Parts of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) defy basic principles of justice and due process. They also violate the First Amendment. 

Currently, the NDAA allows the US military to detain indefinitely anyone who is suspected of "substantially supporting" terrorist organizations or "associated forces," without trying or even charging such a person. Writers, journalists, and activists could be held under this provision.

More than forty senators originally opposed "indefinite detention," although the bill was ultimately signed into law by the President. Senator Dianne Feinstein subsequently introduced the Due Process Guarantee Act (S. 2003) to amend the most egregious provisions of the NDAA. 

When the Senate debates the NDAA for fiscal 2013, please speak and vote against its indefinite detention provisions and support S. 2003.

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Kathie Turner, Director

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