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This letter supports an action by EarthJustice asking the EPA to continue to support the Clean Water Act, and regulate mountaintop removal operations.

The EPA must prohibit destructive mountaintop removal mining, which severely harms Appalachian waterways and surrounding communities.

Since 2002, when the Bush administration created a loophole in the Clean Water Act, wealthy mining corporations have turned pristine lakes and streams into industrial waste dumps.

Babies born to mothers living near mountaintop removal sites are twice as likely to have birth defects as babies born to mothers who smoke while pregnant. People living near mountaintop removal sites face significantly higher rates of cancer.

The EPA acted correctly when standing against the Spruce No. 1 mine, helping to preserve Appalachian waterways. I urge the EPA to hold fast on this commitment and continue to stand against mountaintop removal mining.

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Kathie Turner, Director

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