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Dear ,

Here is a new Progressive Secretary letter. You will be able to edit your name, address, etc. in the next step.

A number of you asked us if we could PRE-FILL FORMS so that you don't have to type your name and address each time you send a letter.

We've found a way to do it! To try this new feature, please click on this link to send a letter to Attorney General Holder about voting rights.

Here's what the letter says:

Once again, the right to vote is under attack across the country.

In the last election, we saw extremely long lines. New barriers were erected for those registering to vote. States shortened early voting periods. New requirements stopped already-registered voters from being able to vote.

More than 30 states have considered voter ID laws that could exclude millions of Americans. The most frequent targets are seniors, students, minorities, and those in rural areas.

The right to choose who governs is an essential right. Poll taxes and literacy tests are being replaced with modern tactics having the same effect. Please continue to exercise your authority to ensure voting rights are not jeopardized.

Click here to send this letter or to learn more (you can edit the subject or the letter itself in the next step, if you wish).


Kathie Turner, Director

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