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Dear Progressive Secretary Supporter

Here is a new Progressive Secretary letter.

This letter supports actions by The Leadership Conference (https://civilrights.org), a coalition of more than 200 organizations promoting and protecting "the civil and human rights of all persons in the United States," Planned Parenthood, and others asking the Senate to oppose Wendy Vitter's confirmation as a federal court judge.

Ms. Vitter has embraced scientific misinformation, and attempted to hide some of her extreme view from the Senate.

Your letter will be sent to your Senators.

Wendy Vitter should not be appointed to the federal bench. Please oppose her confirmation.

Ms. Vitter has endorsed the unsupported belief that contraception leads to incest, and that abortion causes breast cancer (the American Cancer Society has dismissed such a link).

She does not believe that the census should count everyone living in the United States, even though the Constitution requires it. Can she be expected to uphold a Constitution with which she so emphatically disagrees?

Finally, Ms. Vitter has withheld from the Senate Judiciary Committee nearly 95 pages of documents about her views. Her disregard for disclosure requirements and attempt to hide her inflammatory statements should preclude her confirmation.

Please oppose Wendy Vitter’s confirmation as a federal judge. 

Click here to send this letter or to learn more (you can edit the subject or the letter itself in the next step, if you wish).


Kathie Turner, Executive Director

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