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Dear Progressive Secretary Supporter

Here is a new Progressive Secretary letter.

This letter supports actions by the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and others.

ICAN is a coalition of non-governmental organizations in one hundred countries promoting adherence to and implementation of the United Nations nuclear weapon ban treaty. Their international partner organizations are here: http://www.icanw.org/campaign/partner-organizations/

Your letter will be sent to your House member.

Please support H. Res. 302. This resolution calls on the President to embrace the goals and provisions of the "Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons" and make nuclear disarmament the centerpiece of the national security policy of the United States.

H. Res. 302 also calls on other government offices as well as the American people to lead a global effort to prevent nuclear war. Seventy nations have already signed the treaty, and 23 have ratified it. Once 50 countries have ratified or acceded to it, it will enter into force.

Please support this vital initiative. Our national security demands no less. 

Click here to send this letter or to learn more (you can edit the subject or the letter itself in the next step, if you wish).


Kathie Turner, Executive Director

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