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Dear Progressive Secretary Supporter

Here is another letter from Progressive Secretary.

This letter supports actions by Common Cause, Indivisible, Brady (to end gun violence), Stand Up America, and others. It asks the Senate to change the filibuster. There are several ways to do that; the Senate can change it with a simple majority vote.

Currently, to “filibuster,” senators declare their intent and then go about their business.

The simplest way to change the process is to eliminate it (this may not have the votes to pass). Another way is to end it for certain vital legislation. The Senate has already done this for judicial appointments.

The third way is to change the way “filibuster” works. Make the senator talk to continue the filibuster (as used to be the case) or require that a sufficient number of senators to sustain it remain on the Senate floor.

Each of these changes would help to eliminate the gridlock that the current filibuster process creates.

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Fix the filibuster!

The filibuster is a pointless source of gridlock. It allows a minority of senators to prevent progress on almost every vital task of government. Stop it from being a free pass to obstruct legislation.

Even if you lack the votes to eliminate the filibuster, you can reform it to reduce the harm it does. At the very least, make it a true “talking filibuster.” Better yet, find more areas where it doesn’t apply and/or reduce the vote threshold to invoke cloture.

Where there’s a political will, there’s a way. Don’t let the filibuster prevent the government from making crucial progress. Voters will remember the results, not the process.

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Kathie Turner, Executive Director

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