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Dear Progressive Secretary Supporter

Here is another action alert from Progressive Secretary.

This letter supports campaigns by Americans for Financial Reform, Progress America, the Coalition on Human Needs, Demand Progress, and others. It asks Congress to support the Postal Service Reform Act.

This bill will eliminate a pre-funding mandate that requires the USPS to fund retiree benefits 70+ years in the future and make other changes that will keep the USPS solvent. It will also hamper efforts by Postmaster Louis DeJoy to gut postal services.

We will send your letter to your Representative and your Senators

The U.S. Postal Service is constitutionally mandated. Still, some politicians are trying to eliminate it.

A Bush-era law requires the USPS to create a $72 billion fund to pay for the cost of post-retirement health care 75 years into the future. Other agencies and private companies do not have this financial burden.

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy uses this financial problem to raise prices, slash services, and slow our mail. The Postal Service Reform Act stops that.

The bill eliminates the pre-funding mandate and integrates postal retirees into Medicare. It enables the USPS to offer non-postal services like fishing licenses to bring in revenue.

The Postal Service Reform Act has bipartisan support. Please vote for it when it comes to the floor.

Click here to send this letter or to learn more (you can edit the letter in the next step, if you wish).


Kathie Turner, Executive Director

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