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Dear Progressive Secretary Supporter

Here is another action alert from Progressive Secretary.

Over 250 organizations support this legislation, including Food & Water Watch, Friends of the Earth United States, Greenpeace USA, Americans for Financial Reform, and Public Citizen. A complete list of supporters is here: https://khanna.house.gov/sites/khanna.house.gov/files/Future-of-Water-Organization-Endorsement-List-2022-02.pdf

This legislation amends the Commodity Exchange Act to prohibit water or water rights futures trading and protect our country’s water.  

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It’s dangerous to allow speculators to profit from water shortages, driving up prices on a necessary resource. The only people who benefit from water futures trading are financial speculators.

Allowing water futures trading will be disastrous. It will increase water prices for all of us, including small farmers.

Sen. Warren and Rep. Khanna introduced the Future of Water Act (H.R. 7182, S. 3886). This legislation will ban water futures trading and affirm that water is not a commodity.

I urge you to support the Future of Water Act to ban stock market speculators from gambling on our water. Water is a human right — it should benefit people, not enrich financial speculators..

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Kathie Turner, Executive Director

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