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Here is another opportunity to make your voice heard. Progressive Secretary is “Activism Made Easy.”

Our letter supports a campaign by Win Without War which asks the Senate to repeal the 2002 AUMF (authorization for the use of military force). The American Conservative, Just Security, and the Friends Committee on National Legislation support repeal.

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It’s time to repeal the 2002 AUMF (“Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq”).

This AUMF authorized the use of force against the Saddam Hussein regime, a war our government ended in 2011. We don’t need it for current operations, and it’s open to abuse. Bipartisan Congressional majorities support repealing this outdated law.

Repealing this AUMF would represent a modest step toward Congress reclaiming its constitutional right to initiate, oversee, and end foreign conflicts. It would also remind the executive branch that our legislators hold ultimate control in matters of war and peace.

Congress should take the opportunity to remove this open-ended authorization. Repeal the 2002 AUMF as part of the FY2023 National Defense Authorization Act.

Click here to send this letter or to learn more (you can edit the letter in the next step if you wish).


Kathie Turner, Executive Director

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