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Leaders Update

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August 11, 2011


  • President’s Message: The Redistricting Process Going Forward (NEW)
  • Know a Great Nominee for the LWVUS Board? (NEW)


  • Membership/ Leadership Development Trainings Sweep the Northeast! (NEW)
  • Women's Equality Day Media Template Available
  • LWVUS Membership Database Down AGAIN for Maintenance on August 14-15

EDUCATION FUND (Education Study; Elections)

  • Education Study: Materials Available Online
  • Elections: Check Out Your State’s VOTE411 Page!


  • A Global Day of Climate Action on September 24: Make Plans To Be a Part of It (NEW)
  • The Clean Air Promise Taking Hold in States (NEW)


  • LWVUS/EF Direct Marketing Schedule
  • Do Your Holiday Shopping in August!
  • Leaving a Legacy


Dear League Leader:

Our Founders believed in checks and balances to limit power. What we see in Washington today is not checks and balances, but stalemate. With every state currently focused on redistricting, there is an immediate need to work for transparency and public input into a process  that too often protects  the status quo. Public frustration with Congress is running high. What better time to turn that frustration into positive action now and for the future.

Now is the time to focus not just on the process that is currently going on, but the process going forward.  We cannot wait ten years to get real reform into redistricting. Everything indicates that the public is fed up with the partisan wrangling in Washington. What better reason to pressure state governments to create a better system?  Monday night I had the opportunity to participate in a panel discussion focused on redistricting and the Voting Rights Act. The event was sponsored by Congressman John Lewis and held at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Over 300 people attended. The League’s message – that the public needs to be paying attention now and needs to demand reforms for the future – really resonated with the audience.

Monday night I had a chance to highlight all the excellent work that League members are doing around the country. We were invited because of the highly visible work the League is doing here in Georgia. The public and the media are focused on this issue right now. Let us continue to make the most of that attention. Let’s keep up the good work!

In League,

Know a Great Nominee for the LWVUS Board? (NEW)
Know a League leader who would be a great choice for the LWVUS Board?  Want to honor the good work the leader has done locally or statewide?  Nominate her or him for the LWVUS Board!  Go to the LWVUS nominating site, inform the League leader that you wish to nominate her or him for the board, and complete and submit the online form.  League is grassroots.  Nominate a local League leader today to help steer the League in the future.

Membership/ Leadership Development Trainings Sweep the Northeast! (NEW)
LWVUS, through the Membership/ Leadership Development program (MLD) has been busy this summer training local and state League leaders in the Northeast region!  Click here to view pictures from our recent trainings and to see League leaders in action learning to strengthen the League to better support our communities and democracy. Want more information? Contact Sara Richman at SRichman@lwv.org.

Women's Equality Day Media Template Available
August 26 will mark the 91st anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave full voting rights to women. Mark this milestone by putting out a media release, getting a proclamation issued by your local government, or holding an event.  This is a day that is so important to our history and so strongly associated with the League that we should be visible!  Find planning ideas here and a sample media release here.

LWVUS Membership Database Down AGAIN for Maintenance on August 14-15
Due to routine maintenance, you will not be able to access the LWVUS Membership Database from Sunday, August 14, to Monday, August 15. Access to the database will be available again on Tuesday, August 16. If you have questions or need assistance accessing the database, please email Betty Taira, BTaira@lwv.org.

EDUCATION FUND (Education Study; Elections)

Education Study: New Materials Available Online
The online Education Study Response form and three Power Point presentations on History, Common Core Standards and Assessments, and Equity and Funding are online. The Power Points can be used for League study meetings and the Response Form is to be used by each League to submit their consensus report.

Elections: Check Out Your State’s VOTE411 Page!
VOTE411.org is an invaluable national resource for election information, with state-by-state resources that have enfranchised millions of voters. The LWVUS elections team has updated the site to reflect the most current election dates and laws nationwide. Now, we need your help! We turn to you as the experts on your state’s election laws. Please review your state’s VOTE411 page and send us any necessary updates so we can all best serve voters across the country. To view your state’s page, go to VOTE411.org and click on the drop down box provided on the “Voting in Your State” button. Please email aoflinn@lwv.org with all changes for your state. Thank you for doing this!


A Global Day of Climate Action on September 24: Make Plans To Be a Part of It (NEW)
In 2010, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere was just shy of 390 parts per million (ppm) -- well beyond the 350 ppm that leading climate scientists say is the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. Despite the evidence that burning fossil fuels is the chief culprit, however, efforts to curb CO2 emissions are at a standstill. To change the political dynamic, people across the globe will mobilize on September 24, calling attention to the need to get off of fossil fuels and move towards a sustainable, renewably-powered future. Make plans now for your League and your community to be a part of this worldwide demonstration -- Moving Planet -- and help send a message to policymakers that it's time to get moving on the climate crisis. Find more information and planning ideas here.

The Clean Air Promise Taking Hold in States (NEW)
Our recent work with partner organizations to launch of a citizen’s campaign to protect our public health has begun to take hold across the country. The Clean Air Promise offers everyone in our community – the public, business leaders and elected officials – a means to come together to do something for real people and real communities. The promise has continued to receive some great news coverage in DC and in state media through the launch of the effort in places such as Montana and Michigan.  Please visit www.peoplenotpolluters.org to share your story, make the promise and send a message asking your elected officials to make the promise as well. You can also make the promise on our Facebook page.


LWVUS/EF Direct Marketing Schedule
When planning your own League's Fundraising, please consult the LWVUS/EF Direct Marketing Schedule. The LWVUS Development Office is pleased to share with you the FY 2011-12 LWVUS/Education Fund Direct Marketing schedule for direct mail and telemarketing. Download the schedule here from the Tools for Leaders section of the website. Please share this schedule with your Development chairs to assist planning for your League's fundraising activities. Questions should be directed to Rose Simmons, rsimmons@lwv.org.

Do Your Holiday Shopping in August!
When the cold weather comes, be cozy and stylish while promoting the League! The 5-piece ivory fleece set includes hat, headband, pair of gloves and carrying bag. An ideal holiday gift for only $5.50 at our online store.

Leaving a Legacy
Including the League of Women Voters Education Fund in your will is among the easiest ways to offer support of the LWVEF's work for years to come. We suggest the following language to include the League as a beneficiary of a will or trust: " I give, devise, and bequeath to the League of Women Voters Education Fund, a charitable organization formed in the District of Columbia, with offices at 1730 M Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20036, {the sum of $___ } {___ percentage of my residuary estate}." If you already have a will, you can have your attorney add a codicil to include the LWVEF. After you've added the League, please contact the Development office by email so we can list you as a member of our Carrie Chapman Catt Legacy Society.

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