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League of Women Voters


The LWVUS  in collaboration with groups such as the American Lung Association has developed the Clean Air Promise as a way to show your support for continued and strengthened government action to protect our air.  The EPA is currently updating rules on allowable ozone and other air pollutants.  While it may not seem like much, the number of people taking the promise is a powerful tool in lobbying our elected officials.

Clean Air Promise

  • I Promise to protect America's children and families from dangerous air pollution.
  • Because toxic substances and pollutants such as mercury, smog, carbon, and soot, cause thousands of hospital visits, asthma attacks, and even deaths,
  • I will support clean air policies and other protections that scientists and public health experts have recommended to the EPA to safeguard our air quality.

Act by taking the Clean Air Promise at the LWV website, http://www.peoplenotpolluters.org/     When you take the promise, your name and the number of people who have signed pops up below.  The site also allows you to send an email to your elected officials by entering
your zip code.

More information about the Clean Air Campaign and EPA efforts on limiting
ozone and other gases can be found at www.lwv.org.

 Clean Air is a right not a privilege.

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