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New lwv.orgThe national League is proud to announce the launch of our new website, www.lwv.org on Thursday, December 1. We’ve built and designed the website as part of our plans to modernize the way we inform and interact with the public. One of our goals in creating this new site was to grow the community connected with the League and to raise more resources to do our work that is critical for the health of our democracy. It is our hope, as we head into an important election year, that the new site will assist us in better showcasing the collective and vital work done by the League at local, state and national levels to serve the voters and defend our democracy. The new website has a members area that provides Leagues and members with tools and templates to help you more easily do your work in running the League. Over the last eighteen months, LWVUS listened to member views about the website: at small group sessions held at the last national convention, through an online survey, and through comments shared over time about what you wanted from a member section of the LWVUS website. Please be sure to visit the site next week and help us spread the word!

In League,

Elisabeth MacNamara