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I’ve just returned from an exhilarating training weekend with our newest group of Shur Fellows, our national coaching team.   The Fellows described the experience as “superb” and “most inspiring,” and they’ve recommitted to work in partnership with the state and local Leagues to grow our membership and develop new leaders. They are fanning out to implement the League’s successful Membership and Leadership Development program in all 50 states (plus DC).  And, they need your support!

While the national coaching team’s training and travel is underwritten by a generous gift given in honor of a long-time League member, we depend on gifts from members to cover the coaching and training for our local League members and leaders.

Please take a moment to read Elisabeth’s message and make your gift today.

We’ve raised just $17,481 toward our goal of $30,000 through this effort. Thank you in advance for your support.


Cheryl Graeve
Senior Director, Membership/Field Support

P.S. A strong League at all three levels is needed more than ever. Your support is a direct investment in our growth across the country.

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League of Women Voters


Will you invest in the League's future?

$35 to support one month of phone and web coaching sessions for an entire state team

$67 to cover training materials and coaching resources for 10 local League leaders for an entire year

$93 to underwrite one local League leader for a training weekend

$250 to support all of the above and more!          

Support the
Membership and Leadership Growth program.

Have you heard the news?

After several years of decline, membership in the League of Women Voters is growing in numerous states across the country!

I believe that the reinvigoration of our League couldn't come at a better time – the challenges in our polarized political environment are so great right now.

We must ensure the vitality of our future League to help our democracy overcome the challenges of today – and those of tomorrow – and protect all that we have worked so hard for over the last 92 years. 

Through the National League's Membership and Leadership Development Program we are building a training and support structure that ensures that new people are welcomed into the organization, and that respected long-time leaders are mentoring future generations of leadership within the LWV, to ensure the League's future for the next 92 years and beyond.

Here are some of the results:

  • 6% membership increases in Alabama,
  • 5% membership increases in South Carolina,
  • 3% membership increases in Wisconsin, and
  • 8% membership increases in Indiana!

More than 260 local and state Leagues are putting their leadership training into practice and seeing results!

The Membership and Leadership Development Program is currently working in 32 states and we plan to expand to all 50 states by 2013.

But we can't do it without you. I know you already give generously of your time. But I believe that the future of the League depends on this program and so am asking you to do more.

Can you make a donation to invest in the continuation of this important work?

Through your gift you will be directly investing in the future of the League. I know I can count on you!

 Elisabeth MacNamara

Elisabeth MacNamara
President, League of Women Voters


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