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The great debate in Congress over health care and contraception is not going away. As a League leader you are a trusted member of your community who can provide a strong voice in this debate. That’s why I’m asking you to sign this letter-to-the-editor and send it to your local paper(s).

Already we’ve seen similar letters printed in local papers from Juneau, AK to Fairfax, VA and in Canton, CT. Add your League to the growing list of those standing against discrimination!

Thank you for all that you do and continue to do to support the League. I hope you will join us to help change the debate in your local community.

Judy Duffy
Advocacy Chair
League of Women Voters

P.S.  If you have already had this letter published in your local community, please share it with us on our Facebook page or email it to Jessica Jones.


Take Action


As a local League leader and influential voice in your community, you have a unique opportunity to speak out on important issues. That is why I’m writing you today with an opportunity to share the League’s point of view on a critical national issue.

There is a great debate happening in Congress and across the country regarding health care and contraception. A few weeks ago, the US Senate narrowly defeated an amendment that would have allowed insurers and employers to deny coverage based on “religious or moral objections.”

Since 1992, when League members studied health care policy, we have worked to ensure access to quality health care for all. The current debate challenges the League’s position and threatens access to preventive care for millions of Americans.

We need you to speak out in your community. Please download our template letter to the editor that can be customized and shared with your local newspaper editor. Please read it, tailor it to your community if you’d like, and submit it using your League title. Your voice can make a difference in providing access to preventive services and stop discrimination based on gender.

Our grassroots is strong because of the leadership that you provide and I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions regarding this action or any additional items.

Jessica Jones
Grassroots Advocacy Manager
League of Women Voters
Tel: 202.263.1328

League of Women Voters
1730 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036