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Education: Legislative Update & Take Action

Linked is a brief report of current bills of interest.  Some are moving fast so your contact with your State Rep. or Senator is extremely important. Please pass this to other members in your league.

* Tuesday, April 17th, HB1718, known as Bryce's Law, a tax credit plan for special needs children to use public funds for non-public schools,  is scheduled for a 2 hour floor debate in the House today. The League opposes. Please e-mail or call your state representative. Pubic funds are for public education. Funding for some Public education programs are being cut. The state is unable to fully fund the Foundation Formula and the legislators are not addressing the need to make adjustment to the formula for the coming school year.

* Tuesday, April 17 SS/SCS/SB 576 (Stouffer) Charter School Expansion, requires only one vote to move to the HOUSE.
League opposes the expansion of Charter Schools.

*Tuesday, April 17  SCS/SB 451 (Cunningham)  an omnibus bill with 15 provisions, including tuition tax credits (Passport Scholarships)  and Charter School expansion on Informal Calendar Senate Bills for Perfection.
League opposes.

Please remember you are contacting your Legislator as an individual, not as a member of the League.

Making your message more personal is encouraged.

Look up your Senator and Representatives here - http://www.senate.mo.gov/llookupNEW/leg_lookup.aspx

Senators e-mail: firstname.lastname.@senate.mo.gov
Representatives: firstname.lastname.@house.mo.gov

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