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League of Women Voters Leaders' Update

December 13, 2012

In This Issue:


  • Wisconsin Governor Does About Face on Same Day Voter Registration (NEW)
  • Election Administration Reform Priorities (NEW)
  • Leagues Registered Tens of Thousands – Make sure You’re Counted! (NEW)
  • Award for TV Stations Serving the Public - Deadline Jan 11, 2013 (NEW)


  • League Continues Push to Fix the FEC (NEW)
  • League Continues Push to Support OCE (NEW)


  • MLD Successes: Stories from the Field! (NEW)
  • Reminder #3: Renew Members and Update Your Membership Rosters (NEW)
  • ONLY A FEW WEEKS LEFT: Ruth S. Shur Fellow Nominations due Jan 7!
  • Win a Prize from LWVUS for Recruiting with Prospective Members!


  • You can give and receive!

Dear Friend,

Elisabeth Is On The Road This Week In Tunisia!

This week President Elisabeth MacNamara and LWVUS Executive Director Nancy Tate are attending the BMENA 9th Forum for the Future at the G-8 Summit in Tunis, the capital of the Republic of Tunisia. The Broader Middle East and North African Countries (BMENA), are there to discuss a myriad of issues including the importance of continuing to advance the role of women, strong economic governance, and the need for small and medium-size enterprises in the BMENA countries. The League of Women Voters, led by LWVUS Deputy Executive Director Zaida Arguedas, played an integral part in the preparation and organization of this forum that began under heightened security.  Despite security concerns, the Forum is proceeding successfully. MacNamara co-chaired the session on economic governance and entrepreneurship and Arguedas co-chaired the session on women’s empowerment.



Wisconsin Governor Does About Face on Same-Day Voter Registration (NEW)
Gov. Scott Walker said Wednesday that a Government Accountability Board (the nonpartisan board that oversees elections in Wisconsin) report saying it would cost the state $5.2 million to end the state’s same-day registration (SDR) law convinced him not to sign such a bill. Walker had announced his support for legislation to repeal SDR just two weeks ago. Strong opposition and pressure from outside groups like LWVWI is believed to have been a factor in Gov. Walker’s decision to withdraw his opposition to SDR. An editorial on the issue written by LWVWI’s Executive Director Andrea Kaminski, was published in several newspapers across the state. Read more about Gov. Walker’s about face.

Election Administration Reform Priorities (NEW)
This morning, President MacNamara published her most recent blog on the Huffington Post – The Path to Free, Fair and Accessible Elections for Every American. In this piece, she lays out the four proactive priority areas of election reform we hope to address through legislative action – secure online voter registration, permanent and portable statewide voter registration, expanded early voting, and improved polling place management. We look forward to working with all Leagues on these issues and hope you’ll share this article with your networks.

Leagues Registered Tens of Thousands – Make Sure You’re Counted! (NEW)
Leagues reported registering more than 35,000 voters through national LWVEF grant programs and National Voter Registration Day. In addition, more than 35,000 individuals utilized the VOTE411.org online registration tool, thanks to the many of you who promoted VOTE411 in your communities! How many people did you register to vote? What else did you do to engage voters this year? Help us quantify our organization’s full impact: fill out our Voter Service Feedback Survey before the end of the year!

Award for TV Stations Serving the Public - Deadline Jan 11, 2013 (NEW)
If you see a TV station in your community that is working hard to provide the facts to citizens and that worked during the election to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics, please reach out to the General Manager or News Director and encourage them to apply for the "Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Television Political Journalism.”  More information is available here: Cronkite/Jackson Prize.  The deadline for applications is January 11, 2013.  Building on your relationships with local media is good for our democracy and good for your League!



League Continues Push to Fix the FEC (NEW)
The League joined with coalition partners to again call on President Obama to fix the Federal Election Commission (FEC). The FEC is currently operating with five commissioners serving expired terms and three commissioners that refuse to uphold campaign finance laws that they disagree with.

League Continues Push to Support OCE (NEW)
The League joined with coalition partners in sending a letter to Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader Pelosi asking them to maintain the office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). The OCE was formed in 2009 and supplements the work of the House Ethics Committee.   Earlier this week, the League and coalition partners held a press conference on both the OCE and FEC and several news outlets published stories.



MLD Successes: Stories from the Field! (NEW)
As 2012 comes to a close, we are happy to reflect back on this past year in the Membership and Leadership Development (MLD) program. Success stories have come in from all across the country, including: LWV of Rhode Island reported a 20 percent growth in membership across the state; LWV of Norman (OK) increased media exposure; LWV of Boulder (CO) implemented successful, new ways of fundraising. LWV of Utica-Rome (NY) registered 400 voters this year and got front-page coverage in the local newspaper. Cheers to all of our 300 participating local Leagues, over 150 state coaches, and 22 national coaches who are moving the League forward!  And, cheers to the donors to the Fund for Local League Growth, which supports the MLD program.

Reminder #3: Renew Members and Update Your Membership Rosters (NEW)
Please remember to renew your League members now using this renewal letter template. Then, update your League’s membership information in the LWVUS database, including your members' expiration dates.  Leagues that have updated ALL their expiration dates by January 18 will be eligible for a drawing to receive a Staples gift card.  Please contact Betty Taira at BTaira@lwv.org for database assistance.  Remember to include your League’s ID/number (example: CA123) in the subject line.

ONLY A FEW WEEKS LEFT: Ruth S. Shur Fellow Nominations Due Jan 7
Get involved in building stronger Leagues nationwide by nominating yourself or a League member you admire to become a part of the Ruth S. Shur Fellows team. Complete the online nomination form by January 7, 2013. Email SSanders@lwv.org with questions.

Win a Prize from LWVUS for Recruiting with Prospective Members!
We want to know about your follow-up outreach to prospective members who participated in your League events this election season! Email a list of your League’s prospects (the names and contact information of prospective members) to membership@lwv.org by January 4, and your League could win some great visibility tools - LWV buttons! The three Leagues with the largest number of prospects will be rewarded. Five more Leagues, with a list of at least 10 names, will be selected at random for a prize. Prospects will NOT be contacted by LWVUS.  Don’t forget to ASK these prospective members to join your League!



You can give and receive!
A charitable gift annuity is an excellent way to support the League while ensuring your own financial future. A charitable gift annuity is a simple contract between you and the League, by which the League agrees to make fixed payments for life to you and/or someone you choose, in return for your gift of cash or marketable securities. You can establish a League charitable gift annuity for as little as $10,000. Contact Aimee Olivo at development@lwv.org  for more information.

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