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Volume XLIII, Issue 2                                                                           January 18, 2013

Issue #1 – If you did not receive Legislative Issue #1, we apologize.  There were some issues with our mailing list which we hope have been resolved.  Click this link to read Issue #1 http://participate.lwv.org/o/5950/c/8938/t/0/blastContent.jsp?email_blast_KEY=137331

The 97th General Assembly convened on January 14, 2013 with Governor Nixon taking the oath of office after the oath was administered to Chris Koster, Attorney General; Clint Zweifel, State Treasurer; Jason Kander, Secretary of State; and Peter Kinder, Lt. Governor.

Shortly after the ceremony Nixon met with education leaders about expanding early childhood education and indicated that his budget would include more resources for preschool programs.

On January 28, Governor Nixon will deliver the State of the State Address.

Bills of Interest – Sydell Shayer,  Director

Death Penalty

The League supports the abolition of the death penalty.

SB 61 sponsor Joseph Keaveny  Requires the state auditor to compare the cost of administering the death penalty by comparing death penalty cases in which the death penalty is sought and is imposed to costs for cases in which the death penalty is not sought and the defendant is sentenced to life without parole and cases in which the death penalty is sought, but not imposed.
Effective date August 28, 2013.   First reading on 1/9/2013  Sixth on calendar

The huge cost of death penalty cases has become a big issue in many states and is a significant factor in increasing support for ending the death penalty. There are no official statistics for Missouri.

HB 78 sponsor Penny Hubbard  Introduced 1/15/2013  Proposed constitutional amendment to repeal the death penalty in Missouri. Effective date August 28, 2013  


We are waiting for more tax bills to be filed.

Term Limits

The League opposes term limits for members of the legislature.

HJR 4 Myron Neth   Allows legislators the option to serve in the house or senate more than the present eight years with a maximum as now of serving no more than sixteen years.
Read second time 1/10/2013  Of interest

Public Education – Marty Ott, Director and Education Chair

Committee action this week has primarily consisted of organizational meetings.  Bills are likely to be heard beginning next week.

The House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee will include:

Cookson, Steve   Chair
Barnes, Jay        Vice-Chair
Anders, Ira    
Bahr, Kurt    
Burlison, Eric    
Butler, Michael    
Cierpiot, Mike    
Englund, Vicki    
Funderburk, Doug    
Gannon, Elaine    
Hicks, Ron    
Koenig, Andrew    
McNeil, Margo    
Montecillo, Genise    
Morgan, Judy    
Pierson, Tommie    
Rowland, Lyle    
Scharnhorst, Dwight    
Spencer, Bryan    
Swan, Kathryn    
Thomson, Mike    

The House Higher Education Committee will include:

Thomson, Mike        Chair
Frederick, Keith    Vice-Chair
Burns, Bob    
Cookson, Steve    
Dohrman, Dean    
Fitzwater, Paul    
Hoskins, Denny    
Lichtenegger, Donna    
Mims, Bonnaye    
Pierson, Tommie    
Rowden, Caleb    
Schupp, Jill    
Swan, Kathryn    
Walker, Nate    
Wright, John    

The House Appropriations-Education Committee will include:

Lair, Mike        Chair
Rowland, Lyle    Vice-Chair
Dohrman, Dean    
Franklin, Diane    
Hodges, Steve    
Kelley, Mike    
Montecillo, Genise    
Pierson, Tommie    
Spencer, Bryan    
Swan, Kathryn    
Thomson, Mike    
Wright, John

Senate Education Committee will include:

Pearce, David   Chair
Romine, Gary  Vice-Chair
Brown, Dan
Chappelle-Nadal, Maria
Curls, Shalon “Kiki”
Emery, Ed
Holsman, Jason
Libla, Doug
Nieves, Brian
Rupp, Scott

The Senate Appropriations Committee will include:
Schaefer, Kurt, Chair
Rupp, Scott, Vice-Chair
Brown, Dan, 16th
Curls, Shalon “Kiki”
Kehoe, Mike
Pearce,  David, 31st
Sifton, Scott
Silvey, Ryan
Walsh, Gina

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