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League of Women Voters  Take Action

Dear Friend,

The rights of North Carolina’s voters are at risk! This week, the North Carolina Legislature could advance an omnibus voter suppression bill (new version of HB-589) that would have severe consequences for all voters across our state and damage the very foundation of our great democracy.

Contact your State Senators and Representatives and urge them to oppose HB 589 and to protect North Carolinians voting rights.

Among other harmful actions, HB-589 bill would impose a strict voter photo ID requirement, eliminate same day registration, shorten the early voting period by a week, eliminate pre-registration for 16 & 17 year olds, and purge the voter rolls more often. Until last month’s U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act, nearly half the state was subject to federal approval to prove changes in election law, such as these, were not discriminatory. Today the need for this pre-approval could not be more evident. Because of the action by the U.S. Supreme Court the floodgates are open and the North Carolina Legislature is set to pass a host of discriminatory election provisions.

The great people of the state of North Carolina must act now to stop our legislature from undermining our democracy. Take action today – contact your state Senators and Representatives and ask them to stand for democracy and vote against this discriminatory legislation.

Elections are the one time when all citizens – rich or poor, young or old, black or white – have an equal say in our great democracy. This legislation erases that equality and is an attack that will severely limit options for all North Carolinian voters, especially the poor, elderly and racial minorities. Our state government should be in the business of making it easier for citizens to vote, not adding costly restrictions and hassles. The League of Women Voters of North Carolina calls on the state Legislature to reject this costly, discriminatory and unnecessary legislation.

Please contact your State Senators/Representatives immediately and urge them to oppose the Voter Suppression bill.

Thank you for making democracy work.

Jo Nicholas, President
League of Women Voters of North Carolina

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