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We Need Stronger Laws for Pregnant Women!

This week marks the 35th anniversary of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. Yet, pregnant workers continue to be unfairly fired or demoted or have their health put at risk by employers who refuse to provide temporary accommodations such as a stool to sit on or extra bathroom breaks. 

Pregnant workers in New York State need these simple protections. A key provision of the Women’s Equality Agenda (WEA) would make these protections explicit in the law, but the entire agenda has stalled in the New York legislature and nothing has become law. New York women deserve better. No woman should have to choose between her job and a healthy pregnancy.    

Take Action!

If you have 1 minute:  Sign our petition to end pregnancy discrimination and secure stronger laws for women’s equality in our state. 

If you have 3 minutes:Join our twitter rally on October 29th @NY4Women Get some sample tweets below.   Visit us on Facebook.com/NYWomensEquality

If you have 5 minutes:Tell your Assemblymember and State Senator:  I am asking you to take action to advance the Women’s Equality Agenda this year, legislation that is on the table now that will improve the lives of millions of New York women.  Please don’t let politics stand in the way of real women’s lives.  Women shouldn’t lose out on key workplace discrimination measures in the Women’s Equality Agenda which include stronger pregnancy discrimination protections.


If you live in NYC:Stand With Pregnant Workers!  Tues. October 29th, 11AM
Join the NY Women's Equality Coalition to call on lawmakers to pass vital protections and rights for pregnant workers on Tuesday, October 29 at 11 AM on the steps of City Hall in NYC. 
For more info, contact Elizabeth Gedmark egedmark@abetterbalance.org or 212-430-5982.

Twitter Rally Instructions 

When: Tuesday October 29th from 11:00 – 12:00 (But Tweet All week about WEA!)


Sample Tweets- Tweet at your friends, legislators, and anyone who cares about equality!


#WEAreStrong and want fair workplaces, but in NYS women are still fired for being pregnant! It’s time upgrade outdated laws. #UpgradeNY

 Pregnancy discrimination became illegal in 1978. Yet NY women are still fired for pregnancy. We need laws as strong as NY women. #WEAreStrong

 35yrs ago: pregnancy discrimination laws. Now: pregnant workers are denied basic health accommodations on the job. #upgradeNY

#WEA includes provisions to help pregnant workers and new moms. We need laws as strong as NY women. Pass it now! #WEArestrong

 I like my job, but I also want a healthy pregnancy. I shouldn’t have to choose. #WEAreStrong #WEA #UpgradeNY

Employed, pregnant, fired. 1950 called, it wants its narrative back. And I want laws as strong as NY women. #UpgradeNY #WEAreStrong

Most moms are working moms, so why won’t NY pass #WEA and give working moms the fair workplaces they deserve? #UpgradeNY #WEAreStrong

In 1978 legislators figured out it wasn’t fair to fire women for being pregnant – so why is it still happening? #UpgradeNY #WEA

Do women have it all? Not when they have to choose between a healthy pregnancy and a paycheck. Pass #WEA now! #WEAreStrong #UpgradeNY

I shouldn’t have to choose between listening to my doctor and listening to my boss. I want laws as strong as NY women. Pass WEA. #UpgradeNY

She needed a 10min bathroom break. She got 10mos of unemployment. Workplace pregnancy laws are outdated. #UpgradeNY #WEAreStrong

NY women are tough. So why are NY pregnancy discrimination laws weak? Time for an upgrade. Pass #WEA #UpgradeNY #WEAreStrong

75% of working women will be pregnant; 0% of them should be fired for it. Make the #WEA Pregnancy Accommodation bill law! #WEAreNYWomen

Fire a women for being pregnant? That is so 19th Century! Make the #WEA Pregnancy Accommodation bill law! #UpgradeNY

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act turns 35 in Oct., yet pregnancy discrimination persists. Make Pregnancy Accommodation law! #NYWomenStrong

Pregnancy discrimination on the job is wrong; Make the #WEA Pregnancy Accommodation provision law! #NYWomenStrong #UpgradeNY

Make the #WEA Pregnancy Accommodation provision law! Help women protect their jobs and paychecks. #WEAreNYWomen #NYWomenStrong

Lose your job or endanger your pregnancy. That’s a choice no woman should ever have to make. Make the Pregnancy Accommodation bill law!

Stop pregnancy discrimination on the job. Make the #WEA Pregnancy Accommodation bill law in 2013! #WEAreNYWomen #NYWomenStrong

#NYWomenStrong Make the #WEA Pregnancy Accommodation bill law! #UpgradeNY

Help women keep their jobs and their paychecks. Make the NYS #WEA Pregnancy Accommodation bill law in 2013!  #WEAreNYWomen #NYWomenStrong

NYC treated 40% of NYS’s women right with their Pregnant Workers Fairness Act; what about the rest of us? Pass #WEAreStrong #NY4Women

Stop Pregnancy Discrimination Once and For All - Pass the #NY4Women Equality Act! Treat NYS women right! #WEAreStrong

@NYSenate - Pass the WEA & the pregnancy accommodation bill! #WEAreStrong #UpgradeNY

@NYAssemby - #NY4Women want the #WEA & the pregnancy accommodation bill passed! #WEAreStrong #UpgradeNY

Oct. 31 is the 35th anniversary of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act – Finish the job NYS and Pass #WEA & the pregnancy accommodation bill #WEAreStrong

Pregnancy discrimination has been illegal for 35 yrs but NY women are still fired b/c they are pregnant We need WEA! #WEAreStrong #UpgradeNY

#NYC just passed a law strengthening pregnancy discrimination labor protections--now NY needs to follow suit! #UpgradeNY #WEAreStrong #WEA

Halloween Tweets:

Trick or Treat for #WEAreStrong; pass the pregnancy accommodation bill #NY4Women @NYSenate #UpgradeNY

No more Tricks @NYSenate! Treat #NY4Women women right – come back to Albany and pass the #WEA! #WEAreStrong

#NY4Women deserved the pregnancy accommodation bill! Pass #WEA – no more Tricks! Treat #NY4Women right! #WEAreStrong