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League of Women Voters
League of Women Voters

Dear Friend,

It’s the ultimate act of citizen engagement in our democracy.

Casting a vote.

And it’s under assault, right now, all across the country.

Wealthy special interests and self-interested politicians are doing everything they can to make it harder for millions of Americans to vote.

They’re pushing onerous voter discrimination laws aimed at making it harder for low-income, minority, young, and older Americans to cast their votes.

They’re slashing election office budgets, causing long lines at the polls and too few well-trained poll workers that erode voter confidence in the process.

They’re treating the right to vote—the heart of our citizen-led democracy—with utter contempt.

It’s shameful, and it’s outrageous. But most of all, it’s time to fight back.

That’s why the League of Women Voters just launched an ambitious 2016 Voter Protection Campaign.

And that’s why we urgently need people like you to support the League with a gift of $25, $35, $50, or whatever you can afford today.

With you by our side, we’ll reach more than six million voters through registration, education, and mobilization, including innovative approaches in communities that have been traditionally underserved such as our hugely effective High School Voter Registration Program.

We’ll push for overdue reforms in voting procedures and investments in new technologies to reduce obstacles to voting and restore voters’ confidence in the integrity of the system.

We’ll fight the corrupting influence Big Money has on our elections.

And we’ll take on outrageous anti-voter laws wherever we can—from statehouses and courtrooms to the halls of the U.S. Congress and the United States Supreme Court.

For 95 years, the League of Women Voters has led the fight to protect voter rights and expand citizen participation in our democracy.

That’s the legacy handed down from one generation to the next.

Now it’s our turn.

Please, stand with us today.

Our democracy depends on it.


Elisabeth MacNamara

Elisabeth MacNamara
President, League of Women Voters

P.S. The League counts on people like you to protect the right of all Americans to participate in our democracy Please donate today. Thanks again!