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League of Women Voters
League of Women Voters

Dear Friend, 

The League of Women Voters is in danger of missing out on a terrific opportunity. 

A group of generous donors has promised to donate $50,000 to the League of Women Voters Education Fund - but only as a dollar-for-dollar match of gifts from grassroots supporters like you.

We've received a strong response from all across the country, but we're still short of our goal-and if we can't collect the full $50,000 by Thursday at midnight, we'll be leaving money on the table. 

And with everything at stake in next year's election, that's something we just can't afford to do. 

Will you help us out by making a tax-deductible gift right now, while there's still time to match it, dollar-for-dollar?

The integrity of next year's elections is under attack from all directions. 

By billionaires who are pumping millions of dollars into unaccountable Super PACs. 

By state lawmakers who think the best way to win elections is to make it HARDER for some people to vote - especially people of color, those with low incomes, seniors, and young people. 

Since the U.S. Supreme Court gutted key provisions of the Voting Rights Act in 2013, it is up to the League to ensure citizens aren't deprived of their voting rights. 

And it's up to the League to expand participation in next year's election by registering hundreds of thousands of new voters, especially in communities of color and low-income areas, educating them about the election process, and turning them out to vote. 

For 95 years, the League of Women Voters has led the fight to defend voting rights and increase citizen participation in our democracy-thanks to the commitment of supporters like you. 

Can we count on you once again? 

Please, rush your contribution to the League right now.

As always, thank you for Making Democracy Work®! 


Elisabeth MacNamara
Chair, LWVEF 

P.S. Make sure your generous contribution goes TWICE as far - donate now. Thank you again!