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League of Women Voters
League of Women Voters

Dear Friend,

Census 2010 Video Which U.S. president was the first Census supervisor in 1790? In what language will a printed form NOT be available upon request?

Test your knowledge of Census 2010 today by taking our quiz. Find out what you thought you knew and everything you need to know about the decennial Census.

Click here to take our Census quiz now.

If you're like me, you've already filled out the quick 10-question form and mailed in your Census questionnaire. But for the many others who haven't yet completed their questionnaires, time is running out. This Thursday, April 1 is National Census Day - the deadline for mailing in your questionnaire. Census workers will be visiting households that did not return forms from April until July 2010.

There is too much at stake to not respond, from the distribution of hundreds of billions in federal funds to determining how we are represented in Congress. The League of Women Voters is working hard across the U.S. to ensure broad participation.

Like our quiz, the Census 2010 form has 10 questions and will take 10 minutes or less to complete. Take our quiz and then forward this email to your family and friends. Let them know they have until this Thursday to fill out and return their questionnaires.

For more information on confidentiality, language assistance, and how the Census works, click here.


Mary G. Wilson
LWVUS President

P.S. Already been counted? Visit our Facebook page and tell us about your Census experience.

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