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The League Voice Newsletter

May 2010

Congress was active on two of the League's priority issues this month, Climate Change and Money in Politics -- which means the League stayed busy too. Read on for more.

Mary G. Wilson, LWVUS President
Mary G. Wilson
President, LWVUS

DISCLOSE Act Update: 2010 Elections At Stake

The Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. FEC has enabled corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money in secret to support or oppose candidates. Special interests and corporate lobbyists now have even more opportunities to corrupt our democracy. The House of Representatives is now considering the DISCLOSE Act (H.R. 5175) to require complete disclosure of corporate and union election advertising and that CEOs "stand by their ads" with clear disclaimers. We must act quickly to protect the 2010 elections from being swamped with secret corporate and union money. Will you contact your Representative today?

Still have questions about campaign finance reform?
Here are 5 reasons to add your voice to the debate.

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Special Interests vs. Science

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has offered a resolution to overturn the Environmental Protection Agency's finding that greenhouse gases cause climate change, undoing an historic agreement made last year with the auto industry to cut pollution and save up to 450 million barrels of oil each year. Big oil and the politicians who deny climate change are planning to force a vote on the Senate floor soon -- and they could win if we don't act. Please join the League in taking action against this anti-science, pro-special interest legislation -- tell your Senators to protect the Clean Air Act.

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Climate bill misses mark on international action

The League and coalition partners expressed concern over the lack of funding for international action to tackle climate change in the long-awaited Senate legislation by Senators Kerry and Lieberman. While the American Power Act does contain programs for international adaptation and reduced emissions from deforestation, the coalition is "deeply disappointed by the overall lack of adequate investments in international action to tackle climate change, including the absence of any program for clean energy promotion."

The League is stepping up its work on climate change: National League President Mary Wilson traveled to Maine this month and had productive meetings with Senators Collins and Snowe on passing a strong climate bill. Mary also spoke with numerous state leaders and media outlets, including Maine Public Radio, about her trip and what the League would like to see in a climate bill.

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Missouri Rejects Voter Photo ID Legislation

For the third year in a row, voter photo ID legislation has died in the Missouri state legislature. The League of Women Voters of Missouri and the national League's Public Advocacy for Voter Protection project (PAVP) are pleased that the MO legislature has once again failed to pass these unjust, burdensome and expensive voter requirements. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor these and other attempts at disenfranchisement across the country.

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Kern County CA League Goes Back to School

The League of Women Voters of Kern County (CA) has helped more than 250 Ridgeview High School students complete voter registration applications and soon will have visited classrooms or held registration events at eight area schools as part of the League of Women Voters Education Fund's 2010 High School Voter Registration Project. The results of their work will be added to that of other Leagues in this project to inform research and materials for our youth work for years to come. Read more about the League of Women Voters of Kern County's work.

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Global Democracy in Action

The League's Global Democracy Program will hold a series of events over the next year celebrating and promoting women's leadership, good governance, transparency, and elections. The series will kick off in Buenos Aires, Argentina in August with a forum on strengthening Women's Caucuses in the Americas. Future events will include meetings in Bogotá, Pereira and Sandoná in Colombia; Pristina, Kosova; and an international conference on elections in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Facebook: Timeline for Health Care Reform

The Affordable Health Care for America Act contains 28 reforms that take effect in 2010, including access to insurance for individuals with pre-existing conditions, a small business tax credit, rebates for the Part D "Donut Hole", and 25 others. Check out the complete fact sheet on the League's Facebook page -- and then share with your friends to help us reach our goal of 9,000 "Likes" in our 90th year.

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Are You Registered to Vote?

Don't miss out on the 2010 Elections! VOTE411.org makes it easy for you to register to vote by providing answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about voting. Use this easy, online tool to register yourself and encourage others to register.

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Smackdown Your Vote T-Shirts Available!

The League is continuing to partner with Smackdown Your Vote! to register voters. Two T-shirt designs are available for purchase; each design comes in four sizes and is available as a regular or baby-T. Check out designs, pricing and information on how to order.

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