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This is the LeaguE-Voice newsletter from the League of Women Voters. You can also view it online.

The League Voice Newsletter

September 2010

September has been a busy month with elections around the corner and Congress in session for a short time before recessing to hit the campaign trail.  I, too, hit the road this month, embarking on a seven week, 11- state tour to help promote our premier voter education tool, www.VOTE411.org and meet with local elections officials and League members as final preparations are underway for Election Day 2010 - Nov. 2nd!  Follow my travels and work on behalf of voters on my blog.   Subscribe to the RSS feed of the blog or check back regularly to keep up-to-date on the great work of League members around the country this election season.

Elisabeth MacNamara

DISCLOSE Act Rejected

Despite all our efforts, especially the hard work by the Leagues of Women Voters of Maine and Massachusetts, the DISCLOSE Act failed by a 59-39 vote. The League lobbied to support the Act, which would have partially restored transparency to U.S. elections by requiring disclosure of corporate and union spending in candidate elections. The League of Women Voters of Maine's event to encourage their Senators to support the bill received wide coverage from national press and press in Maine. The League issued a statement; sent a letter to the full Senate; and sent a letter with coalition partners to Senators Snowe and Collins of Maine and Brown of Massachusetts, urging them to support the DISCLOSE Act. We focused on these three Senators' crucial votes, but they didn't come through. The fight continues as we expect the legislation to be brought to the Senate again in a lame-duck session after the November elections.

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32 Days Until Election Day 2010!

November 2nd will be here before we know it. Make sure you're ready to vote! Log on to VOTE411.org to register to vote and encourage your friends and family to do the same. Over the next few weeks, check back frequently as new candidate information is added daily.

Elisabeth's Blog Launched
The League launched a blog this fall to coincide with our Elections 2010 work. Subscribe to receive blog posts via RSS feed and keep reading as we look to expand coverage on our blog to focus on other activities and developments over time.

Join the Voter Registration Challenge!  Help make sure that every eligible American is registered to vote. Join the League's VOTE411.org Registration Challenge by sending this e-card to FIVE co-workers, friends, and loved ones, and encouraging them to register to vote by visiting VOTE411.org - our "one-stop-shop" for election-related information.

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Leagues Get Ready for Global Day of Climate Action: 10/10/10

Leagues across the country are busy implementing projects designed to build awareness about climate change and things people can do to help solve the climate crisis. They are joining thousands of communities across the globe in taking part in a day of climate action, October 10, 2010. You can read about some League projects here and find out more about the 10/10/10 campaign here.

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League Urges Support for Office of Congressional Ethics

The League and coalition partners sent letters to House Speaker Pelosi and House Minority Leader Boehner, urging them to make a public commitment to the American people to support the continuation of the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) as well as oppose any efforts to prevent the OCE from effectively carrying out its mission and basic responsibilities. The coalition also thanked Speaker Pelosi for her leadership in establishing the Office of Congressional Ethics in 2008.

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League Calls on Senate to Ratify START Treaty

In September, national League President Elisabeth MacNamara sent a letter to the Senate urging them to ratify the new START Treaty which was signed by President Obama and President Medvedev in April 2010. The START treaty is the first arms control agreement between the U. S. and Russia in nearly a decade. It calls for regular inspections and timely exchanges of information regarding nuclear arsenals.

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Help Plan for the League's Next 90 Years

Some things never change even in these challenging economic times. The League of Women Voters Education Fund continues to be at the forefront of public policy issue education, which allows citizens to thoughtfully engage in the democratic process. We invite you to learn about planning your gifts to the League in a way that will maximize your investment in democracy while providing you with an opportunity to share the benefits. For more information on how to include the League in your will, obtain a charitable gift annuity, participate in our pooled income fund, or find other ways to ensure the future of the League, please contact the Development office at 202-263-1355 or plannedgiving@lwv.org.

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Help us reach our goal of 9,000 "Likes" in our 90th year

League in the Spotlight

LWV of Columbia-Boone County, MO Celebrates Constitution Day with Controversial Court Case

Member in the Spotlight

Paula Appling
Paula Appling, LWV of the Clemson Area, SC

I added my voice to many others and helped to defeat the Voter ID legislation that would have disenfranchised many registered voters in South Carolina.

Did You Know?

The Census Bureau reports that a key to voter turnout is registration

Of all registered individuals in 2008, 90 percent reported voting, up slightly from 89 percent in the 2004 presidential election.

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