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The League Voice Newsletter

February 2011

Embarking on our 10th Decade!

Yes, the League of Women Voters celebrated its 91st Birthday on February 14! Let me share my birthday message with you here and a few of the well wishes we received.

Over the years, the issues have changed and our work has evolved, but the heart of our mission—strengthening our democratic system and increasing the public's participation—has not diminished. Today, as a grassroots organization of 140,000 supporters and more than 800 Leagues in all 50 states, we celebrate the tremendous strides we’ve made for voting rights and other critical issues in America — thanks, in large part, to supporters like you.  Join us in celebrating 91 years of making democracy work!

Elisabeth MacNamara
Elisabeth MacNamara
President, LWVUS

Voting & Elections

Protect Voting Rights, League Tells the President: The League and coalition partners sent a letter to The White House urging the President to quickly appoint commissioners to the Election Assistance Commission, which is charged with improving the administration of the nation’s elections. See our release to the media on this issue.

League Urges House and Senate to Investigate FEC Failure: The League, with coalition partners, urged House and Senate committee leaders to investigate and hold hearings on the systemic problems with the Federal Election Commission.

States Continue to Battle Voter Photo ID Bills: Voter photo identification bills have been introduced in many states around the country and the League’s Public Advocacy for Voter Protection (PAVP) project is working in several of these states to fight such legislation. For some states, this is the first time the bills have a reasonable chance of passing. Still, it’s important to remember that even with unfriendly legislatures and/or governors, such bills have been defeated in the past – SC, MO and TX are good examples. In fact, the South Carolina League is once again fighting ID legislation and has been successful in achieving media coverage and building a strong coalition. In the meantime, the League of Women Voters of Missouri testified before its legislature, and the League of Women Voters of the U.S. and coalition partners sent key legislators in Missouri a letter, urging them to oppose ID legislation.

League Files Amicus Brief in Arizona Proof-of-Citizenship Case: In an amicus brief, the League asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals not to grant en banc review of a previous decision invalidating the Arizona proof-of-citizenship requirement for voter registration.

Clean Air Defense

Take Action Now to Keep Our Air Clean: The League is asking voters to tell their Representatives to oppose any legislation that would block or prevent action to clean up our air and protect the most vulnerable Americans.

Health Care Defense

Working to Protect America's Health Care: Following the U.S. House of Representative’s vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, the League sent a letter to the Senate urging the body to oppose repeal of the Act. An attempt to repeal the Act failed in the Senate, but proponents of repeal have indicated that they will continue to raise the issue in the Senate. Please tell your Senators not to repeal the Affordable Care Act and to stand firm in support of this law which extends coverage to millions of uninsured Americans.

Money in Elections

Oppose Elimination of Presidential Public Financing, League Urges Senators: National League President Elisabeth MacNamara urged Senators to oppose S. 194 and any other moves to eliminate the public financing system for presidential elections. Earlier, the League and coalition partners also sent a letter urging Senators to oppose repealing presidential public financing and support modernization. Take action on this issue:  Tell your Senators to oppose the elimination of the presidential public financing system.

The Quest for a More Diverse Judiciary

Increasing Diversity on the South Carolina Courts: The hard work by the League of Women Voters of South Carolina’s state-wide educational campaign to diversity the bench is yielding successes. In early February, the South Carolina General Assembly appointed four knowledgeable and proven legal scholars who will help the South Carolina judiciary better mirror the diversity of that state's population.

Support The League

Leaving a Legacy

Including the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) in your will is among the easiest ways to offer support of the LWVEF's work for years to come. We suggest the following language to include the League as a beneficiary of a will or trust: " I give, devise, and bequeath to the League of Women Voters Education Fund, a charitable organization formed in the District of Columbia, with offices at 1730 M Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20036, {the sum of $___ } {___ percentage of my residuary estate}." If you already have a will, you can have your attorney add a codicil to include the LWVEF. After you've added the League, please contact Lauren Frank so we can list you as a member of our Carrie Chapman Catt Legacy Society.

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Fun Facts

Feb 27, 1922 – U.S. Supreme Court upholds the 19th Amendment to the Constitution which guarantees women the right to vote

Members in the Spotlight

Karen Michael, LWV of Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ
Francine Farber, LWV of Fresno (CA)

Leading Community Early Education Efforts


Congratulations to the 2011-2013 class of Ruth S. Shur Fellows!

These new national leadership development coaches will support state and local Leagues in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. 

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Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Area (MI) League Teaches Community How Women Won the Right to Vote.

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