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Legislative Action Alert
June 21, 2011
Help prevent bullying in schools

California State PTA is sponsoring an important anti-bullying bill, AB 1156 by Assembly Member Mike Eng.  Last fall, 89 percent of PTA leaders polled said they were interested or extremely interested in PTA working on legislation to protect children from bullying.  The bill is set for hearing on June 29.   Click here now to take action in support of AB 1156.

AB 1156 expands the definition of bullying in California law and links it to academic achievement.  It also strengthens policies and procedures to reduce bullying in schools and keeps students safe.  The bill:

•  encourages the inclusion of policies and procedures aimed at the prevention of bullying in school safety plans;
•  provides for the training of school-site personnel in the prevention of bullying; and
•  allows a victim of bullying to transfer to another school, if desired.

We know that physical and emotional safety at school plays a crucial role for students and their academic success.  Research shows that students who are bullied are more likely to be depressed, to think about and attempt suicide, have behavior problems at school, and difficulty learning and succeeding in school.  Nearly 30 percent of boys and girls in the seventh grade reported that they had been afraid of being beaten up at school in 2008.

AB 1156 brings us closer to the goal of providing a safe environment designed to support a healthy learning experience for every child.

For more information, please contact Community Concerns Advocate, Patty Christiansen, at pchristiansen@capta.org.

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