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Informational Alert
July 31, 2012
November statewide ballot measures

At its meeting this past Saturday in Burbank, the California State PTA Board of Managers took actions and positions on the following November statewide ballot measures, in addition to the "support" position previously taken on Proposition 38, the Our Children, Our Future education initiative.

  • PROPOSITION 30, Temporary Taxes to Fund Education.  Guaranteed Local Public Safety Funding.  Initiative Constitutional Amendment.  NEUTRAL
  • PROPOSITION 35, Human Trafficking, Penalties.  Sex Offender Registration.  Initiative Statute.  SUPPORT
  • PROPOSITION 37, Genetically Engineered Foods.  Mandatory Labeling.  Initiative Statute.  No position taken yet – study group formed for additional research.

Previous positions:

  • PROPOSITION 38, Tax for Education and Early Childhood Programs.  Initiative Statute.  SUPPORT

Eleven statewide initiatives qualified for the November ballot.  Based on our resolutions and position statements, the PTA does not have the authority to take positions on any of the remaining ballot measures.

With regard to Propositions 30 and 38:  California State PTA previously endorsed and continues to support Proposition 38, the Our Children, Our Future education initiative.  PTA helped to write this measure, which guarantees additional funding for every local school and authorizes greater parent and community input in the decision-making process.

Based on conflicting authorities in our resolutions and position statements, a "neutral" position was taken on Proposition 30, sponsored by the Governor.  This initiative proposes to help address the state's budget deficit, which impacts overall school funding, but it does not guarantee new, additional funding for schools, since the legislature may supplant existing funding for schools with monies raised by Proposition 30.

According to the PTA Toolkit, a neutral position means, "The initiative may be relevant to the welfare of children and youth, but after careful analysis, the California State PTA has chosen to neither support nor oppose this particular initiative due to either lack of existing specific authority or conflicting authorities."  PTA will not support or oppose passage of the initiative.

We will provide additional information about these measures in the coming months.

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