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Leadership Essentials
Back-to-School Edition 2012


It's the start of a new school year. Are your PTA finances in order?

The first priority for the start of a new school year is to assure that your end-of-the-year financial responsibilities were fulfilled.

Make sure the financial books were audited before the new board conducts any new business.

Three Keys for Successful Auditing [pdf]

*Complete a review of all financial documents to ensure your PTA is in full compliance with all documentation requirements. Click here to download a Financial Document Review Checklist.

Complete an end-of-the-year financial report. This will be essential in completing any tax filings (due on the 15th day of the fifth month after the end of your fiscal year). According to state and federal laws, all PTAs must file tax returns. Click here for a sample annual financial report.

File new signature cards at your bank so the new officers authorized to sign checks are able to do so.

Check the status of your Charitable Trust (CT) number application (if you do not already have a CT number). PTAs must now have a charitable trust number.

The State Attorney General's Office requires that all PTA units must be registered with the Attorney General's Office, Registry of Charitable Trusts and must start filing the RRF-1 form annually, beginning no later than December 2012. PTAs that do not register by this date, will be required by the Attorney General's office to provide five years of information filings, fees and possible fines. If you do not have a CT number yet, FILE NOW as the process takes approximately 90 days to complete.

Checklist [pdf]

Instruction Guide [pdf]

Fillable Application [pdf]

Be sure to discuss and develop goals; plan programs and activities to meet those goals; and create a budget that includes adequate fundraising to hold the programs and activities you have planned.

Goal Setting Process [pdf]

Programs and Activities [pdf]

Remember, PTA is not a fundraising association. PTAs should only raise money to meet annual activities and projects as outlined in your budget.

Also, remember: Copies of your audits, end-of-the-year financial reports, budgets and tax filings are to be submitted, through channels, to your council or district PTA.

IMPORTANT: Don't let your PTA's tax-exempt status get revoked
State Franchise Tax Board and federal IRS rules require all nonprofits, including PTAs, to file certain tax forms each year. In some cases, the forms can be completed online. California State PTA provides filing requirement information on our website. Click here for details. 

Resources Available Online
There are several leadership resources available online including:

  • Leadership Made Easy. Download the English or Spanish versions.
  • Past issues of Leadership Essentials. Click here to access the archives. Be sure to check out the August issue with information to start your year off right including:

First tasks for new officers [pdf]

Tips for effective Board Meetings [pdf]

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